Pinelake #1707

The hash with no anagrams in the English language.
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double suck
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Pinelake #1707

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Sweet Dreams’ virgin lay brings Cheetah out of retirement! He can't remember how and she's never done it--what could possibly go wrong? Cum find out!
Meet up 2p, on out 230ish
Start will be Medlock Park by the playground. Parking lot, S Peachtree Creek Trail, Decatur, GA 30033
Cum for a possible stormy adventure on twisty in-town trail.
Trail will be A to B. Beer and snacks will be provided at the end by our gracious hares! $0 cash! What a deal!
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Re: Pinelake #1707

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Thanks to all Hashers who could cum today. Really great to see all the old-time Hashers and those new to me too. Thanks for going easy on me and 3rd generation hasher Sweet Dreams (first lay); I have forgot so much about Haring. I'm glad no one got hurt, had to spend the night in the jungle, or died on trail. And we didn't completely run out of beer. I guess that's a good Hash. On-On! ~Cheetah
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