Pinelake #1733 Double Suck

The hash with no anagrams in the English language.
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double suck
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Pinelake #1733 Double Suck

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On the Ninth Day of Hashing, my true hare gave to me...
Nine ladies dancing? ... 69 "ladies" dancing! Fixed it and Pinelake-approved!

After IMB gets everyone wet and slutty and comfortably numb on Friday, make sure to dry off a little so you can get wet again (in several senses of the word) at Pinelake!

7/6/2024 (or so they say)...SATURday. Sat-her-DAY, Shat'erdaaaay!
Meet up with poorly-dressed freedom fighters drowning in pools of their own sweat at 2pm
Start the long slide downhill (figuratively speaking) at/around about 230pm

from Ronald McNair High School --Go Eagles!
1804 Bouldercrest Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Cost--your dignity, which is free, apparently, but freedom isn't free, so it'll cost ya. We'll send you a bill. OBO.
Otherwise, bring your own everything.*

*Everything up to and including: yerself, yo mama, yo daddy, too, that boy Ricky down the street, NOT DOGS (unless they have on-board air conditioning, which they don't really), swimmies, thirst for a beer stop provided by hare, thirst for your own damn beverages you bring for yourself at the end, t/dick repellant, visitors, virgins (all also free, see above), your hot aunt (menopausal counts), your dirty ol' grandpa, teenagers to drive you home, and your own BEER. (list not exhaustive, even if it is exhausting)

It's going to be fun, I promise!
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Re: Pinelake #1733 Double Suck

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Where is the on after?
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