Hashing in Antartica!

Hashes outside of metro Atlanta.
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Hashing in Antartica!

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(Just passing this on, haven't looked into it myself. I do know Yoron went last year and it was great!)

Hashing on all 7 continents is a bucket list item for many, not to mention kayaking, zodiac excursions, camping, hanging with penguins, taking a Polar Plunge and celebrating it all daily with a free inclusive drink package & your favourite Wankers to talk story with!

A large number of requests from Procrastinating Half Minds is the Reason
LAST DATE TO REGO & SUBMIT at these prices 10FEB 2024
A $1000 Deposit secures pricing, your spot & counts toward first payment

Details below:
The Rego Form https://www.antarcticatravelgroup.com/f ... gn-up-form
The Cruise https://www.antarcticatravelgroup.com/w ... antarctica
The Ship https://albatros-expeditions.com/ships/ocean-albatros
Waddle On On 2022 Video. Who do you know? https://www.magisto.com/album/video/LT5 ... sm&o=i&c=c
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