SLUT #253 - Swamp Guinea Tours Hipsterville

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Swamp Guinea
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SLUT #253 - Swamp Guinea Tours Hipsterville

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SLUT #253 - Swamp Guinea Tours Hipsterville

Who: Longtime SLUT GM Swamp Guinea
When: Jan 4th
How Much: $10 gets you beer and food.

Where: The New School Parking lot at 655 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312.

What to expect: Mostly running in the dark, making bad decisions, and breaking NYE resolutions in record time. There will be a trail. There will be food. There will be cocktails. It's a classic SLUT with decent food.

Bring headlamps, bail money, note from your maw-maw so you can stay out late and koozies to protect your hands from getting cold while clutching White Claws.

Virgins and hashers that bring virgins are *free*!! Did you hear that right? You get a quality trail, food and beer for the low-low cost of free if you bring a virgin? Yes indeed - bring fresh meat and you and your Tindr date hash for free.
Too Limp Clover
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Re: SLUT #253 - Swamp Guinea Tours Hipsterville

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On-out is 7:30PM, by the way (typically the case for SLUT).
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